Let's take Arizona by storm! Make sure your voice is heard:

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What is Operation Haboob?

Just like the weather phenomenon called a haboob (a dust storm that appears in the Arizona desert), Operation Haboob (OH) is bringing together diverse groups and individuals in a statewide, non-partisan alliance to create a storm of voices and utilize our collective power to: 1) Rebuild community 2) Revive democracy and 3) Co-create a new future for Arizona where everyone can thrive.

How can I get involved?

Take the Operation Haboob survey- and get everyone you know to take it, too.
Share it via social media! Attend an Operation Haboob huddle in your area - and bring your friends.
• Become an Operation Haboob "Huddle Host." It's easy! Just download the Operation Haboob Handbook HERE for instructions. Huddle Hosts do things like:

+ Host a huddle for your friends in your home or favorite hang out place
+ Stay informed about Operation Haboob activities by getting Haboob emails, joining Haboob conference calls & webinars
+ Make sure all of your friends are registered to vote, understand the key issues and actually VOTE their values!

For more information about how you can get involved or to volunteer your time, email Mari Herreras or call her at 520-884-7810.

Who is involved in Operation Haboob?

This fall, more than 40 organizations participated in the launch of OH, the first major initiative of the new Stand Together AZ Training & Advocacy Center (STAT). STAT is a joint project of YWCA Southern Arizona and YWCA Maricopa County. YWCA in Arizona has committed to providing backbone support for Operation Haboob.

Why is Operation Haboob needed?

Our democracy is broken. Nearly half of Arizona voters don't bother to go to the polls and those of us who do vote feel like our values are not reflected in the laws or respected by the leaders of this state. Instead of working together to fix this, we are made to compete with each other for limited resources and the attention of our fellow Arizonans. In the meantime, dark money & radical special interest groups have taken over passing laws and implementing policies that hurt women, children, families, immigrants, small business owners, folks trying to get out of poverty, the elderly, the sick, LGBTQ folx, our environment, the arts, Indigenous communities, people of color.

We believe that it doesn't have to be this way.

Although each one may be focused a particular issue, we all share a vision to live in a state where people care for each other and care for our environment, a place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Together, we can make that happen.

Why a "haboob" - isn't that scary?!

Storms DO disrupt the status quo. And Operation Haboob is going to do that. This might be a little scary for those who don’t want all of us regular people actually getting involved and using our voices & our votes to make a difference. But storms are also important – they bring the rain that makes life happen.