The Galleria at the YW

DDco Designs in The Galleria now!

The nostalgic, recycled and unique work of Dee Dee Koenen and Shannon Riggs is on display now in the Galleria.  Dee Dee and Shannon are the owners and creators of DDco Design, a Tucson based art company that gets it's inspiration from the pop culture of the southwest.  They honor the history of the region and embrace the blurred lines of culture in border and old west communities.

Liz Vaughn is the next featured artist to fill our Galleria walls.  Her opening reception will take place on Wednesday, November 12th from 6-8pm.  More details coming soon!


Drop in to see an exhibit M-F 9-5


More than just Tucson’s newest venue for The Arts

The YW in Southern Arizona has been an incubator for change for almost 100 years. We connect and empower change agents who have the vision and desire to make a difference in their own lives and in the public square. The Galleria at the YW is a key part of the community happening here. It is a great new downtown venue for art. But it is more than that. The artists we are inviting into The Galleria are doing something important. Their work is making us think. It’s giving us something to talk about, making us wonder, sometimes making us angry and sometimes making us laugh, but always making us hope. These artists are mostly women, but not always. They are exploring themes that connect to our mission of eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. They give us a reason to gather. And you just never know what might happen after that.

Regular Galleria Hours: M-F  9am - 5 pm
YWCA's Frances McClelland Leadership Center
525 N. Bonita Ave, Tucson 85754