Women Out Of Poverty Initiative

Because our economy should work for everyone.

 Tucson is the fifth poorest city in the United States. Every single day women in this community are fighting hard to give themselves and their familes a better life.

We're here to help.

  • Our WOOPI programs give you the tools you need to succeed at work & in school. 
  • Click on the links below to learn about our core programs:

Skills for Success (YWorks)

Your Sister's Closet

Women's Counseling Network

Project Period


 Making WOOPI Happen is No Joke

Women, especially those with children and/or women of color, suffer most in depressed economies. But they are also an important part of the solution. The most recent research shows:

Women multiply the investments made in them by extending benefits to the whole community.


On average women reinvest a higher percentage of their income into the family compared to men (as much as 90% -vs- 35%). As businesses become more gender diverse, productivity and innovation increase, which has a positive impact on sales revenue, market growth, profits and shareholder returns. And projections show women-owned business will account for one-third of the new jobs created by 2018.

At the YWCA , making WOOPI happen is a 3-part strategy:

  • Advocacy at the local, state and federal level
  • Strategic collaborations with other social service agencies, the business community and government leaders
  • Programs that "fill the gap," providing critical services that are not being offered by other agencies in the community

Making Tucson and Pima County a better place for women will make it a better place for all. Your support will make WOOPI happen. Click here to give. Thank you!