Stand Together Arizona Training & Advocacy Center (STAT)

Together, we can & must counter the extreme agenda that hurts Arizona women, families and minorities, and is devastating our economy and environment.

Join Operation Haboob - and help us take Arizona by storm!

YWCA has led the fight for economic and social justice in Arizona for more than 100 years. Today, that fight continues. Arizona is the fifth poorest state In the nation, on a troubled Border, in a State known for policies that are unfriendly to women, children, immigrants, LGBTQ people and the working poor, where more money is spent each year on prisons than on schools. We are launching the Stand Together Arizona Training & Advocacy Center (STAT) to challenge the extreme agenda that has a grip on our state. We believe the world should work for everyone. 

We are taking a multi-pronged approach to create long-term, systemic change in this state: 

  • Advance a bold, coalition-led legislative strategy that makes life better for all Arizonans. 
  • Deliver anti-racism and inclusion training programs to private and public organizations.
  • Create a more informed voter base through online and onsite educational programs. 
  • Recruit and train better leaders for corporate, community and elected leadership.
  • Provide support for local, grassroots mobilization movements and progressive alternative communities.

Our goals are:

  • Root out and end systemic racism, classism, sexism and heterosexism in the private and public sector.
  • Make Arizona a model for protecting the planet by investing in the growth of green energy and the preservation of our water supply.
  • Rebuild the social safety net for the poor and working poor, including especially our children, the sick, those who are disabled and the elderly.
  • Ensure access to safe, affordable reproductive health care.Protect women from domestic violence and sexual assault, and dismantle rape culture in our state.
  • Invest in public education from preschool through college, and make it affordable and accessible for all.
  • Welcome immigrants, protect their human rights and prioritize the unification of families.
  • Respect workers by ensuring their rights to fair wages and benefits, re-establishing and protecting their right to organize; and investing in workforce readiness training, especially for those who are being displaced by a new economy.
  • Ensure access to affordable healthcare for all. Reform the criminal justice system, beginning with restoring the civil rights of those who have been previously incarcerated, ending the private prison system, outlawing racial profiling at every level, ensuring equal protection and fair sentencing, and making zero the target number of people who are imprisoned in this state.
  • Increased, reasonable restriction on gun sales.
  • Reform the political system by creating competitive districts and automatic voter registration, increasing the salary of elected officials, setting limits on financial contributions and ending the scourge of dark money in state and local elections.
STAT is housed at the YWCA's Frances McClelland Community Center, 525 N. Bonita Ave, Tucson AZ 85745. Stand with us.