sheworXX theater

Who gets to tell the story matters. We think it's time that women's voices get heard. 

SheWorxx is an evolving community of Tucson-based theater makers—playwrights, directors, actors, dramaturgs, designers and others—building gender parity and sisterhood in theater locally and globally through community engagement, mentoring, peer education, and the production of works by women. Sheworxx is being incubated by the YWCA Southern Arizona. Performances are held at the YWCA's Frances McClelland Community Center, 525 N. Bonita Avenue, Tucson 85745.

The YWCA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, serving as fiscal agent for sheworxx. Click here to make your tax deductible donation to sheworxx.

The facts: Seventy percent of all theatre tickets are purchased by women, women make up 60-70% of American theatre audiences and 50% of all graduate theatre students are women. Yet, over the past 25 years, just 12-17% of staged plays in the US were written and/or directed by women. In the 2014-2015 theatre season only 24% of all plays produced were written by a woman, living or dead. Sixty-eight percent of the Broadway audience is female, but there was not a single new play by a woman on Broadway in the 2013–14 season, despite the fact that, on Broadway, shows written by women (who statistically write more female roles than men) actually pull in more at the box office than plays by men. Sheworxx is our response.   

Click here to the sheworxx website for a schedule of upcoming performances and events.