Communications & Digital Media Manager - STAT

Communications & Digital Media Manager/Online Organizer*

Stand Together Arizona Training & Advocacy Center

YWCA has launched the Stand Together Arizona Training & Advocacy Center to challenge the extreme agenda that has a grip on Arizona (and now the U.S.), and is crippling our state's economy and environment and hurting our people. We are working statewide to educate people about what is really happening, provide training and support for grassroots activists, and mobilize our communities to stand up for our shared values (see more about that here). We have a huge job to do and we are putting together a bad@$% team to do it.

Do we have your attention now?

We are looking for somebody who can leverage all the online and digital communication, marketing and organizing tools available (or figure out how to use them) to join us as our Online Organizer. You need to be passionate about getting people involved in a cause that really matters, creative, collaborative and fierce. Your job is to create communication platforms to help activists across the state learn from and collaborate with each other and online/digital training materials. You'll manage our website (after you help redesign it!) and you'll start with our base of 3800 Facebook followers and about 7000 email addresses and blow up our social media and online presence. You'll have us all over Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit and wherever else people are hanging out these days. You'll know more about this stuff than anybody else on our team and we will rely on you to help us get our message out there. You'll mobilize volunteers to help you create memes, infographics and videos that help people connect the dots between what is happening in DC right now and what has been happening here in Arizona for decades. You might do some work offline, connecting with media, for example, to help us get our message out there. So you need to be able to connect with people in real life, too, not just online. And you'll probably do some writing, like press releases, blog posts, and so on. The bottom line is, your job is to help us get people engaged, help them see why they need to support this work with their time and money, and help help them get fired up enough that they're willing to DO something to create the change we all want to see in this state.

What kind of experience and education are we looking for? Honestly, we're open. Maybe you've spent the past 6 or 7 years in the corporate world, marketing consumer products or financial services, and you're ready to put all that experience into changing the world. Or maybe you've spent the past 4 years in school, reading philosophy, writing poetry and using YouTube to make sharp social commentary. Or maybe you recently finished working in communications on a political campaign. Show us your work. That will matter more to us than your credentials.

So send us your resume and an online "portfolio" (links to things you've written and produced online), and include a letter telling us why you think you should have this job. Also, if you're bilingual (English & Spanish), let us know. That's a huge plus. Email it all to by March 15th.

The salary for this position is $40,000. It's a full-time, permanent position. We offer great benefits, including healthcare (we pay 100% of the employee premium), generous paid time off and enrollment in YWCA's pension plan (after 2 years). We encourage women, people of color and queer folx to apply.

*This job description was revised Feb 24, 2017 and the deadline extended to March 15th.